Shipping and Returns & Warranty

We warranty our manufactured products for life to the original purchaser against material failure and craftsmanship. If there is a failure in our work, please call us and or email us pictures of the issues. We will determine if it falls under our warranty and whether it needs replacing or repairing. If the item needs repairing or replacing, the customer will need to ship it to us at the customers’ expense. We will ship it back to you at our expense.

It is our goal to ensure you are happy with your purchase and we make every attempt to succeed in earning your business and your trust.



Thank you for taking the time to read though all Shipping information.

Shipping information

All orders received in the Misty Mountain Furniture Online Store are fulfilled within 4-8 weeks of receipt of payment.

Please note that the calculated shipping cost upon checkout applies to accessories ONLY. Accessories shipping are calculated at 20% coast to coast with a minimum $25. Mounting screws and plugs are included on all coat racks and towel bars for installation into solid wood. Wall anchors not included.

Orders requiring delivery by common carrier freight are quoted by the weight of the order and will be quoted back the same day as the order. This means when you order an item that cannot be shipped via UPS it will need to be shipped by freight. We will receive your order and inform you of any change to shipping prior to receiving your payment regardless of the form of payment you use. You will then need to approve any changes in fees before we finalize your order.

Shipping via common carrier freight:

There are three pricing levels for shipping freight:

1- You may choose to pickup your order from the freight company terminal. This is the lowest cost shipping method available. Please keep in mind that your order will be on a pallet, you will either need to load the pallet onto your truck to take home or make arrangements with the terminal to unpack and load your order at the terminal. Most terminals are very friendly and will assist but it is imperative you make arrangements. If you are going to unpack at the terminal make sure you have a screw gun with both Philips bits and square drive bits. We use both in securing your furniture to the pallets. The freight company will call you when your order is at the terminal to be picked up.

2- You may choose to have the freight delivered to a commercial address. This is the second cheapest freight option. The commercial address cannot be a residence (home business). It needs to be a commercial address with loading dock/forklift capabilities. There must be a way to lower the pallet from the truck to the ground or to move it from the truck to the loading dock. This method does not include a phone call; the driver simply delivers during his regular route.

3- You may choose to have to freight delivered to your home address. This does require access for a full-length 40’ tractor-trailer to deliver and turn around if need be to exit the address. If you live in the mountains or other areas with tight access, you will need to consider options 1 or 2 above or make special arrangements to meet the truck at a prearranged location to receive the freight, which may or may not add to the freight bill. We will work with you on your particular situation.

The home delivery method includes a phone call from the freight company to the recipient listed on the bill of lading. They will call to arrange a day to deliver, if you have special requests, this is when you arrange that with them (additional costs may or may not apply). Usually the freight company will want to deliver within the next two days between Monday and Friday. Delays to the delivery by the recipient can cause additional charges to the recipient from the freight company.

Freight Damage:

In the unlikely event that damage is sustained to the product during shipping, Oak Harbor Freight Company and Misty Mountain Furniture work together to resolve the situation as quickly as possible with the full intention of minimizing inconvenience to our valued customers.

Receiving your order via freight:

When the truck arrives, let the driver know you need to inspect it before he takes it out of the truck.

1- look for damaged packaging– if there is damage to the packaging note it on the bill of lading.

2- peel back the packaging and inspect your item for any possible damage.

3- if no damage, sign for the product undamaged and proceed with offload to the curb. All residential deliveries come with a lift gate for properly lowering your palletized order off the truck to the ground. DO NOT allow the pallet to be pushed of the truck for any reason. If the truck does not have a lift gate, please ask the driver to redeliver with a lift gate.

4- If you find product damage, call us immediately while the driver is there. If you cannot contact us, or you are not interested in having a local craftsman provide the necessary work, refuse the shipment noting the damage on the bill of lading. We need to assess the damage and weather it can be repaired by a qualified local craftsman or if it needs to be sent back to us. A local craftsman can usually carry out superficial damages if you’re willing to take the item to them for their services. The craftsman will be paid my Misty Mountain. If you refuse the freight, Misty Mountain will repair or replace the item at our discretion and ship the item back to you at no cost.

All sales are final:

We offer a wide range of furniture, art and accessories. These items are not returnable or refundable. If any item fails due to craftsmanship/materials please call or email us to work out the repair or replacement. The manufacturer/artisan will determine whether repair or replacement is needed. If shipping the item back to us is necessary, the customer pays to ship to us and we pay to ship back to the same address from which it came.

It is our goal to ensure you are happy with your purchase and we make every attempt to succeed in earning your business and your trust.


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