The futon frame itself is the same easy to use design.The futon frame itself is the same easy to use design. We listened to your feed back and have redesigned the cushion set for our log furniture futon sofa. You told us the futon cushion was a bit difficult to keep in the “bent” seated position. So we put our heads together and came up with our own version of what is called a “hinged” cover. We put our own unique little touch on the hinge design so that we could get maximum cushion size for you to enjoy!

In the upright position, we use two cushions for the back rest.

This is because the futon sofa frame is deeper than a traditional sofa, the extra depth is what makes up the full size bed when you pull it out. Our new design cover is where the magic is, as you can see in this picture, the cushion is no longer a one piece cushion bending into a seat and back. It is now a separate back and separate seat cushion.In the bed position, the new seam design keeps the seat and back cushion together to act as one cushion.

The addition separate back cushion stays against the sofa back providing addition cushion comfort along the back. Not only does this make for a very versatile  log furniture futon pull out bed but it also serves very comfortably as one big comfortable log furniture lounger!


A closer look

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