Not all log furniture sales are alike! Normally the log furniture you find on sale is old inventory or not very well built. Of course there’s always used log furniture sales, and in most cases, you never really know what your getting in those cases.

At Misty Mountain furniture , you will always find our quality log furniture built to the same high standards we use on everything regardless of a sale or not. When we have a sale on something it’s usually to promote a product and the quality we build into it.

Today we are starting an ongoing promotion on our Snow Creek log furniture. The Snow Creek line is handmade from lodgepole pine that has been lathe turned making it round, smooth and consistent in diameter along the entire length. This log furniture is easy to blend in with many different home decors which may or may not have a rustic touch.

We will take 15% off the Snow Creek items of your choice when you purchase a set.  So choose your bedroom set, dining set or living room set from our Snow Creek log furniture line up and take the 15% off!


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