Considering buying a new bed? Whether you want a new look, new size, or want to upgrade to a bed with dresser drawers under it, it’s a big decision and there are a lot of choices out there vying for your attention and your dollar.

The first option to consider, is to purchase a custom handmade bed or a bed from the normal retailer. The difference is enormous!

Budget always play a roll in this process, so lets look at what your really getting for your money regardless of the cost.

Of course, in this comparison we will use our own custom handmade beds for the example.

In our custom handmade beds, your part of the design process opposed to the process of just picking something out that appeals to you based mostly on the selection at hand.

When you shop our beds, mostly online at you will see our line of beds we have custom made for our customers. You will see a line up of beds in log that has been lathe turned, log that has been skip peeled. You will see beds that are constructed from authentic barnwood, this material is really unique in that it has all the character and aging that comes along with wood that has been mostly outside for on average 100 years. WHen you drive along the highway in the northwest, you will probably see a building or two that look very old and could even be leaning sometimes to the point that you think they should be falling over. But, they dont, they seem to defy gravity and withstand the forces of nature for years. These building were at one time in use for one reason or another (usually storing farm equipment, farm animals or feed) and now stand vacant and left out to pasture. These are the gems that we use to construct our barnwood beds from.  You will also see the “finer side” of woodworking in our beds made from red oak, cherry and other hardwoods. These beds follow the traditional time honored design and construction of the styles know as Mission, Craftsman, and  Shaker.   All wonderful designs and “looks” to fit your needs.

mission style craftsman handmade bed

mission style craftsman handmade bed

You can, look at our custom handmade beds, and simply choose one of the many listed on our site.  You can also choose one of our beds as a starting point and talk to us about the design of the bed, and your preferences to the design. Perhaps you think a headboard like the one you see but a few inches shorter or taller would work better for you. Perhaps you want your mattress at a specific height from the bed side and the floor. You might even have a different idea for the design of the bed altogether but love the materials. This is what we do. This is the custom bed building process.  This is very different as you can see from the traditional process of shopping for a bed.

Now look at the construction process. We have been so inundated with mass production that we don’t even consider how things are constructed any more.  Not to mention the world of imported furniture!

Our craftsman are our production machines. We build from a previous design you choose from our line up or we redesign a bed for you. We do this with your approvals along the way. We then hand select the materials that best fit the designs of the bed with you in mind. We look at the material and feel it to make sure its going to be something we are proud to build and put our name on.  Beds use “joinery” to hold everything together  (the post on the head board needs to be connected to the headboard panel, these connections are called joinery, and the type of joinery defines the strength of the bed).  In the production manufacturing process, normally “mass” production, the joinery chosen has more to do with cost per bed than it does strength or looks. In this case the strength is measured in how long it will stay together as opposed to will it do the job for a long long time.

All of the joinery we use in constructing our beds is selected on strength and beauty. In our case, strength is defined to us as “never coming apart”. This is why we have a lifetime warranty instead of 30 or 90 days or whatever is being offered by mass produced beds.

Barnwood dresser bed

The beauty of joinery is that it does one of two things.

One: It’s invisible. All you see are two pieces of your bed coming together gracefully and not distracting you to any particular part. You see your bed as one beautiful piece that you may have even helped design!

Two: It’s pretty. If it’s not invisible, it should be that way on purpose. Some joinery is very pretty and a compliment to the craftsman. A bolt sticking out isn’t pretty!

That pretty much does it. So you have your choice, mass produced or custom handmade. Makes you consider custom handmade just to see what were talking about doesn’t it.  And when you consider the lifetime warranty,  you know we build it like we say we do.

Thanks for your time, and we do look forward to your inquiry!

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