Shopping for cabinets is always a good idea.

Weather your remodeling your kitchen, building a new home or need cabinets for other rooms too the process is always the same.  You owe it to yourself to look into custom cabinets. Heres why! 🙂

The Misty Mountain Custom cabinet difference is huge!

Use these features to compare us with the others as you shop around. As you read through these, some of these features may be very foreign to you, but you will find that the majority of what we do “standard” are upgrades by many other resources.  High volume production cabinet making requires the use of staples and nails to hold things together along with a lot of pressed wood & super thin laminates. We will have none of that!  🙂

The Misty Mountain Cabinet features:

-We use european box construction. (all boxes are built to custom size, you are NOT required to pick only from available sizes)

-Our boxes are constructed with 3/4″ Birch plywood boxes with 1/2″ backs. (the 1/2″ backs make for a super strong cabinet and allow them to be installed flat against the wall. this is NOT a feature the others guys will bring up on their own)

-Our hinges are blum brand and open to 125 ?(this lets the door open well beyond 90?for full access)

-Our drawer slides are blum brand, out of sight under mount, full extension with the soft close feature. (you can feel the quality of these slides, every time you use them, the full extension is a must have convenience to reach the back of the drawer)

-Our drawer boxes are solid 1/2″ maple, dovetail corners with  1/4″ bottoms. (quality dovetail corners stay together the longest & the 1/4″ bottoms are super strong)

-We use extra thick 1/8″ edge banding on all exposed edges of the cabinet boxes. (the industry standard is 1/16″)

-Finish Panels on all exposed sides of cabinets.

-Solid wood drawer fronts

-Solid wood stile & rail flat panel doors

-Base cabinets designed for a 36″ finished countertop height &  24″ depth.

-Wall cabinets are 36″ high & 12″ deep

-We use a clear acrylic lacquer finish

-4″ toe kicks

-1 1/4″ solid wood valence under wall cabinets for lighting

-Solid wood filler strips where needed

The Misty Mountain Cabinet pricing and planning process:

Because we build each cabinet custom to the size that works for your plan, we don’t price each custom sized item. We price by the total linear foot of the plan.

Extra pricing to the linear count depends on each individual design. These extras include items like finish panels on cabinets which have exposed sides. Filler strips are used minimally in our designs, mostly at the wall where the cabinet will mount up against and around appliances.

 Accessory pricing includes the add ons such as lazy Susan’s and other type of equipment.

Cabinet planning:

I have left this for last, the reason is that the process of planning needs to take into account how the cabinets are being built. Visiting a large volume home improvement store will require you to choose from their “stock” which will definitely effect your planning/layout process.  Having custom cabinets means you are much more in control of the design by way of sizes.

The home improvement stores are a great place to start with their design programs, they usually do it for free and you can take them with you:)

Cabinet design is based on the items you cant move first, i.e. windows, doors, outlets, plumbing etc..  Next the sink placement (normally under a window- don’t forget to put it in the center of the window!). After that, put in place the rest of the appliances. Now you have your blank canvas to begin your cabinet design. To simplify this process, don’t think of them as “cabinets” but as “doors” and “drawers”.  There are a variety of programs out there to accomplish this, we recommend pencil and paper in the beginning with a good eraser!

We hope this cabinet primer has been useful, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us with any questions and be sure to ask us for a bid on your next cabinet job!

Below is a sampling of our custom handmade cabinets by Misty Mountain Furniture.



3RH-cabinets-rightview Black cabinets 1 Black cabinets 2 Black cabinets 3 Black cabinets 4 Black cabinets 5 Black cabinets 6 Black cabinets 7 Black cabinets 8 Black cabinets 9 Black cabinets 10 Black cabinets 11 Black cabinets 13 Black cabinets 16 Black cabinets 17 Black cabinets 27 Black cabinets 30 Black cabinets 40 Black cabinets 41 BurnettCabinets 4 BurnettCabinets1 3 Bykowski cabinets1 Bykowski door and cabinets2 cabinets face Cabinets_clean_peeled-L 4 Clean_Peeled_Cabinets-L 2 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-001 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-002 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-003 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-004 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-005 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-006 custom golf resort furniture and cabinets-008 custom hand made cabinets-005 custom hand made cabinets-006 custom hand made cabinets-007 custom handmade cabinets 1 custom handmade cabinets 2 custom handmade cabinets 3 custom handmade cabinets 4 custom handmade cabinets-001 custom handmade cabinets-001 2 custom handmade cabinets-001 4 custom handmade cabinets-002 2 custom handmade cabinets-002 4 custom handmade cabinets-003 4 custom handmade cabinets-003 custom handmade cabinets-004 3 custom handmade cabinets-004 custom handmade cabinets-005 3 custom handmade cabinets-006 2 custom handmade cabinets-006 3 custom handmade cabinets-006 custom handmade cabinets-007 2 custom handmade cabinets-007 custom handmade cabinets-008 2 custom handmade cabinets-008 custom handmade cabinets-009 2 custom handmade cabinets-009 custom handmade cabinets-010 2 custom handmade cabinets-010 custom handmade cabinets-012 custom handmade cabinets-013 handmade cabinets-002 Harvey Cabinets 1 Harvey Cabinets 2 Harvey Cabinets 4 Harvey Cabinets 5 Harvey Cabinets 6 Harvey Cabinets 8 Harvey Cabinets 9 Harvey Cabinets 10 Hunt cabinets 5 Hunt cabinets 6 Hunt cabinets 8 Hunt cabinets 9 Hunt cabinets 10 Hunt_cabinets-L 4 Idaho Club bar cabinets 2 Idaho Club bar cabinets 3 Idaho Club bar cabinets 4 Idaho Club bar cabinets 5 Linton Cabinets 3 Linton Cabinets 4 Linton Cabinets 5 Linton Cabinets 6 Linton Cabinets 7 Linton Cabinets 8 Menlo cherry cabinets 2 Menlo cherry cabinets 3 Menlo cherry cabinets 4 Menlo cherry cabinets 5 Menlo cherry cabinets 7 Menlo cherry cabinets 12 Menlo cherry cabinets 13 Menlo cherry cabinets 14 Park Cabinets 2 Park Cabinets 3 Park Cabinets 4 Park Cabinets 5 Park Cabinets 6 Park Cabinets 7 Park Cabinets 9 Park Cabinets 10 Park Cabinets 14 Park Cabinets 20 Park Cabinets 23 Park Cabinets 24 Park Cabinets 25 Park Cabinets 26 Park Cabinets 27 Park Cabinets 28 Park Cabinets 29 Park Cabinets 30 Park Cabinets 31 Park Cabinets 32 Park Cabinets 33 Park Cabinets Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 0 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 1 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 2 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 3 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 4 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 5 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 6 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished 7 Parnell Cabinets - unfinished Reclaimed wood cabinets_1 Reclaimed wood cabinets_2 Reclaimed wood cabinets_6 Reclaimed wood cabinets_8 Reclaimed wood cabinets_14 Rustic Heritage Cabinets Warhurst cabinets 1 Warhurst cabinets 2 Warhurst cabinets 3 Warhurst cabinets 4 Warhurst cabinets 5 Warhurst cabinets 6

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