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Mountain Hewn


Lodge pole pine is grown and harvested locally (see our harvesting article with pictures here).  This is the material of choice for rustic log furniture constructed in the North West.  Lodge pole pine grows fast and plentiful, along with its characteristics of generally growing straight and in long lengths.  Lodge pole is harvested after the growth process stops (otherwise known as “dead standing”).

Mountain Hewn lodgepole pine log dining set

Mountain Hewn lodgepole pine log dining set

It’s a very nice, dry stable wood to work with. Before we can use it for our Mountain Hewn line, the lodge pole is de- limbed and hand peeled with a draw knife (other wise known as “hand hewn” ). This hand  hewning process removes the bark from the cambium layer at which time we skip peel the cambium layer itself leaving behind a rustic look of eleganceJ.  This knotty pine lodge pole material is used to create our entire line of Mountain Hewn log furniture.


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