Latex mattress low prices!

Here's the scoop on our latex mattresses. They are organic, they come from the rubber tree. They are harvested from the tree just like syrup. There are no harmful toxic chemicals added for fire retardents in this material. The same goes for the casing these latex...

Festival at Sandpoint Entrance

We've decided to offer up the festival entrance that was used a few festivals back. This one has a white wash "old west store front" look to it. Pretty cool for a garden entrance or other covered uses.  $500! Delivery not included 🙂

2018 Festival at Sandpoint entrance

Every year, we work with the Festival at Sandpoint to build them a handcrafted unique entrance for the festival. After the festival is over, the entrance needs a new home and is put up for sale. This years entrance is sweet! $2500 obo!

We welcome Sue Cooperman Glass Artist

We Welcome Sue Cooperman to the Misty Mountain family of artisans. Sue does some amazing glass work with both new glass and recycled glass. It's amazing what she can do with recycled glass.....soooo much nicer to see it become art than landfill! These are all...

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