Here’s the scoop on our latex mattresses. They are organic, they come from the rubber tree. They are harvested from the tree just like syrup. There are no harmful toxic chemicals added for fire retardents in this material. The same goes for the casing these latex mattresses are encased in. Latex bounces back while any kind of memory foam conforms. And as far as I have found, memory foam, which a lot of us sleep on these days are a petroleum product loaded with chemicals.

We wanted to provide the best mattresses to compliment or high quality furniture we build by hand in our facility. When you make a trip to our store we want to expect the best quality for your dollar. SavvyRest mattresses fit the bill for us and for our valued customers. We are the only dealer in the northwest to sell these mattresses.

Because this is a private email list, we are allowed to extend savings here that we cant to the public. So we want you to know that we have highly reduced pricing (up to 30% or more)on these mattresses, the only thing is, the manufacturer expressly prohibits us from telling anyone outside of this email list about it.

So…..there you go. We have the natural latex mattresses at great prices in our store. So come in and get the rest of the story on this awesome product. We have three different setups for you to experience, come in a for quick snooze and see for yourself! ūüôā

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