Misty Mountain is happy to announce our brand new product line of Savvy Rest Mattresses!

We are the only dealer for these GOLS certified latex mattresses in our area!

After many months of research into mattresses, chemicals, synthetics, memory foam and organic materials we chose the Savvy Rest mattress company.

We now have the most popular Savvy Rest mattresses on display in our showroom. Savvy Rest makes only certified organic mattresses. These are natural latex mattresses that have no chemical flame retardants in them. It’s amazing what we learned about the amount of chemicals that are in your memory foam mattresses! Our goal was to find the most natural mattress to provide for our customers who deserve the best.

The best part? They are customizable to your comfort needs. Even from one side to the side, as it turns out men prefer a bit stiffer mattress and women prefer a bit softer. These mattresses can be customized in this manner and the top level remains flat across the top.

No flame retardant chemicals! In Savvy Rest mattresses, soft organic wool batting in ample quantities is quilted inside woven organic cotton mattress casings. That’s all it takes. Wool fiber used in this way ignites so slowly that our mattresses pass the open-flame test with flying colors. We do not use chemical flame retardants.

Visit our store for Savvy Rest showroom discounts.

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