Old World Hickory

Misty Mountain Furniture is very pleased to have the opportunity to offer our customers genuine Amish made hickory furniture. Almost all of our Old World Hickory line is made in small Amish shops in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. There are more then 10, long standing, family owned, Amish shops making the hickory furniture we offer, each specializing in certain types of hickory furniture.

rustic furniture hickory

The Amish craftsmen have developed techniques for manufacturing hickory furniture without the use of electricity, which is not allowed in Amish communities. A limited number of diesel or line shaft driven power tools are involved, but the majority of the workmanship is done the Old World way, by hand. All hickory furniture is finished with a very durable clear coat.

Amish communities are deeply family oriented, embracing a strong work ethic and adhering to high standards of performance and industry. This is reflected in the quality of all the Old World Hickory products we offer.


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