Over the years we have helped many woodworkers make their own furniture. Failure usually seems to come when a woodworker wants to wing it without a wood working plan. It’s really no fun to solve costly mistakes in the shop and waste expensive material (or even cheap material!).

Successful woodworking always starts on paper. Doing the calculations for accurate measurements that include all the details is a huge time saver in the shop, plus makes the work so much more enjoyable. Problem is, it’s the easiest step to skip, knowing darn well you shouldn’t. It is so much easier to make mistakes on paper!

At Misty Mountain, we have decided to make our woodworking plans available to the public so you can enjoy the process with out the headache! ūüôā¬† These¬† woodworking plans are our actual shop woodworkign plans we use to this day in making custom items. There are over 30 assorted woodworking plans and we are even offering email support for your basic questions. Hows that! Less than a buck a plan AND free basic assistance via email. Who does that???? WE DO:)

This is our first run on offering a digital download. We are working on another list of plans than include a lot more of all of our standard product too. We have 100’s of plans!

Just visit our etsy  (just click on the etsy link to go there directly) store and purchase the digital down load. As soon as you do that, I will email you instructions on how we organized them in the pdf.


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