Rustic Heritage

Every piece is individually crafted using hand selected reclaimed lumber. This rescued historical material is painstakingly gathered from regional barns, out buildings, commercial buildings and grain elevators. This lumber dates from turn-of-the-century “big tree years” where timber was abundant and big. Logs were dragged out of the forest by huge teams of horses and sent rushing down rivers to the mill. Most of the material used in these pieces is old growth Douglas Fir or Western Larch. The density and tight grain of this wood is unmatched today. The circular saw marks from the old mill, nail and bolt holes and the unique patina that only comes after 100 years of aging make every piece entirely unique. We take great care when sanding this material to achieve a smooth, luxurious texture without loosing the original characteristics of the aged wood.

We have selected only the finest hardware to compliment these pieces. Every solid maple, dovetailed drawer has top of the line concealed glides. There are European hinges for all our cabinet doors and unique rock knobs to ad yet another unique rustic element. And of course, each piece is finished with several hand-sanded coats of our durable, low gloss acrylic finish.

We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to present you with these new designs and to be working with these fine materials, steeped in history. We hope you will enjoy our new Rustic Heritage Line as much as we do



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