Misty Mountain unique mattress supports

Mattress supports

It may be a boring topic but it is the main function of a bed, and with the price of mattresses today you really need a good mattress support system.

The Misty Mountain system supports your mattress fully- little known fact that some log beds don’t give the needed full mattresses support necessary. Misty Mountain bed frames support the box spring continuously along all four sides as well as four supports side to side evenly spaced starting from headboard to footboard. This is done by creating a ledge along both side rails for the mattress to sit in- see red line #2 photo below. The top of the mattress cross supports are at the same height as the ledge giving it consistent support- see red lines #3 photo below.  This allows for the greatest life of your box spring and is actually required by mattress manufactures.










Bed Frame connectors

The Misty Mountain bed frame connectors hold it all together in a superior way also. We use machine bolts which insert through the mattress cross support, screwing into a threaded bracket, the bracket is lag bolted into the inside of the bottom head board and foot board rails- see red circle #1 photo below. The lag bolts have superior holding power when driven into the rail as opposed to through the bed post which is most common. See the red circle #4 photo below, the circle shows where the bed post is commonly lagged through into the side rail to secure the head/foot board to the bed rails. This is simply inferior to our bracket system.











log bed frame

log bed frame

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